Friday, 22 June 2012

rich white men on TV ..

Caused by outrrage at Jimmy Carr (but I have always disliked him for his slimy misogyny) and Francis Boulle from Made In chelsea tweeting about how the rich should pay less tax. for reals.

I have saved this picture as "rage", lolz 

So I think I have paraphrased their world view. This is applicable to Boris Joshnon, Jimmy Carr, the Cast of Made In Chelsea, Lucas and Walliams, and many other members of the privileged minority, but lets be honest, I did make the specifics up:

"Ha ha ha I can laugh at the world because I am RICH and therefore given an amazing education which has nurtured my ego and ability to believe in myself and also make insightful and well timed comments about other people. 

This ability to be so harharhar FUNNY has been funded by fucking exploitation because of grandaddys diamond mines or whatever built up the fortune and funded an education at Eton and then oh look I was talented enough to get into oxford AND Cambridge but I could only pick one because it has to be fair for the state school kids.. Now as an adult I am all set, through my **natural sense of humour** and brilliant ability to court the press/ throw money at marketing teams so they let me on TV, and I can go on to exploit and take the piss out of women, working class people, fat women and ethnic minorities.. 

Oh look I have a gazillion twitter followers who are all listening to what I say and internalizing it and anyone who disagrees should just stop ruining the "funniness" and appreciate that its “jokes man”, oh look, Boris is so funny so people vote for him. Because guess what, people like to be entertained, they like a politician with a silly voice and silly hair.. cuts?  lets watch some Made In Chelsea because it distracts us from the fact that THEIR LIVES ARE SHIT COMPARED TO THE GLITZY PEOPLE ON TV BECAUSE WE HAVE NO MONEY AND NO JOBS AND SHIT HEALTHCARE BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE JIMMY CARR WONT PAY TAX AND HAVE THE NERVE TO SUGGEST IT SHOULD BE LOWERED

(francis Boulle): "har har har NHS? what NHS, the government doesn't need my money har har har"

The End. 

That is all for the moment  x 

Friday, 15 June 2012

books made feminism so interesting

and the internet makes it boring? Like with everything else.

 Maybe because the debates on political lesbianism/ third wave have been so fragmented by the 2012s, and its difficult to wade through the many opinions and blogs without getting a headache. I just think FUCK WHO YOU WANT GET OVER IT WHY IS LIBERATION SOMETHING WE HAVE TO ARGUE SO MUCH ABOUT. In terms of real revolutionary politics like socialist things, I do think factions are a necessary evil. ( #committedtrostkyist ) But sometimes people need to realise there is more of a world outside their vaginas and their sex life, and while I completely oppose transphobia, homophobia and sexism, you can't tell people who they should be sleeping with. Not because its *wrong* morally, but because they aren't going to listen and you would wind up going from a similar, feminist-ish perspective to like hating eachother, visciously, over the small things.

 I have a tumblr and go on it every few days and repost kl feminist things I see, but I just think people need to connect back with **real life** a bit more. Like whats the point of posting nice pictures about strong women if you are too busy sitting inside to actually go on a demonstration or a gig or see some friends. I get that people IRL can be annoying and followers on a social network can be a source of self esteem but INTERNET< REAL LIFE. And there is no point saying "I am a kl hairy feminist and anti racist" if like you don't go out into the world and set a real example. Its better to  bring up these issues when they are awkward and difficult to say in a social setting, rather than  making a meme or a GIF which you know will be safely accepted by a bunch of like minded internet m8z.

 I am aware there were similar feminist arguments in the 1970s or whatever, but I am going to start reading more books and less tumblr and twitter! I feel like a luddite saying this but having an attention span  is something underestimated and I have to.. grow mine back, because the internet killed it!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Twitter hate"

OKay I seem to have created a backlash of rightwing hate via twitter by saying Eurosceptic MP Douglas Carswell is a reincarnation of the British Fascist Oswald Mosley. Lolz.
In a style not dissimilar to the wicked witch of the west's flying monkeys, a number of random supporters of said MP and general unimaginative people hastily jumped on the opportunity to kindly explain to me how much a eurosceptic MP is not a fascist.. well THANKS GUYS. Thanks 4 educating me... No !

A rifle and Union jacks that wouldnt look out of place at a BUF rally.. and they are trying to say a politician they care enough about to defend is not a "fascist".

I am aware of the difference between Mosley's fascism and being a loud Eurosceptic. I wrote my summer project on Mosley, and doing an A level in European politics and while ya'll might go "but we have degrees and jobs", I will not let that undermine me.
 Mosley proposed a ton of corporatist measures that would probably sicken the Free-Trade- loving Carswell, as well as state benefits (for the British only obvs) that I am sure Carswell thinks is a waste of time.
But while the specifics of right-wing diatribe may have evolved, I cant resist poking fun at arrogant politicians, who stick their neck up in politics by saying ridiculous things like the EU is a "corpse" and also mention  a bunch of times how Great they think Britain is. I know Mosley was in Labour (after being the Tories MP for Harrow) but there are similarities, and it is more of a sign of the Labour party's low standards rather than Carswell's not-being-like-a fascist. Maybe the fact all these far right groupies were so eager to correct me on the specific differences because so much  else is essentially very the same?

Seriously, who else can imagine the scenario, if David Cameron ever stops being so sickeningly accommodating to the far right in parliament, Mr Carswell getting angry, quitting Mosley style and joining UKIP, donning a silly costume and making more speeches about the greatness of Britain? Just me? Hopefully not, once the recession is over, and Europe is a non-issue again, Carswell will just fade back into obscurity. But I cannot resist.. The right wing is becoming too much of a political norm these days and whether they are fascists or have stopped admitting it and now call themselves "eurosceptics", I think it is appropriate and not "twitter bullying" to point it out.

 I did not imagine Mr Carswell retweeing and calling me a Troll, calling on all these losers to call me "stupid" and a "loony" but maybe I struck a nerve with this?

I think when "lefty" has become an insult we need to re-evaluate the direction british political debate is going, and I think the backlash is a lot more "twitter intimidation" encouraged by an elected official against a citizen (thats me). And the responses do not really help the whole "we arent fascists" cause. Just saying. (see the pic).

So shoot me. (not literally, plz..  )

P.S I am not guilty of "trolling" because it is more a political comment about how I think the right wing is reincarnating itself. And maybe I shouldnt have @ed Mr Carswell Himself but hey, Live n Learn #yolo..  People calling me a troll, and getting self righteous, Lousie Mensch style, is not appreciated because I hate twitter bullies too! I think Mensch's case against internet trolls is really good, because death threats misogyny and racism on the internet are awful! As much as it pains me to say that, I have to rate her as a feminist, even if I criticize her hugely as a conservative..  The real trolls are the nice Tory ones who have been tweeting at me for the last hour?

So Carswel, stop trying to steal Mensch's thunder! That is not cool, she had a valid point about misogyny and you cant just pretend its the same thing.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Political correctness has not gone mad

..people have just forgot that it is not okay to be offensive.

I am sick of the conservative, common sense, populist, chauvinistic attitude that is subtly seeping its way into the psyche of.. people. Anyone who reads the Daily Mail in a non critical way. I could talk about this all day, but political correctness has not gone mad, people have just got more racist. Anyone can be racist and because the media is not politically correct enough, a lot of things we think are okay are actually racist, so everyone needs to be aware of racist issues and be like extra sensitive. And sensitivity is not the problem, because if you start to say that the problem is political correctness, then racism becomes relatively more okay. It starts subtle, with fried chicken jokes and skin lightening treament aimed at women of colour, then gets worse and then you have lePen and UKIP gaining ground, then before you know it the KKK is back and the world problems can be blamed on Jews, and its okay because we never thought we were being racist to begin with.

You always see the press warn against the horrors of the Nazis or the KKK. But I found coverage of the Norway massacre last year and the Polish Neo-Nazis on panorama uncomfortable. They can't really keep the moral highground on that, because while in theory they aren't racist any more, the reports on immigration keep coming and Jeremy Clarkson is still on TV and they would complain about political correctness with more passion than they care about Stephen Lawrence or Trayvon Martin. breivik got his ideas from the Daily mail. The police are still much harsher on anarchists or socialists or anti fascists or whatever than they will ever be on the EDL and thats the way it has always been. Racism is a slippery slope and as a country (ew I hate saying that) "we" are not immune to it.

And racism must be overcome if we are going to succeed with this whole "stop capitalism" thing (lol) because the workers should unite and also racism in itself is bad.. but on its own being anti racism and politically correct can coexist with capitalism, they could get people of colour into powerful places (Obama) and commodify anything.
 For this reason I don't think being anti racist is a political position that comes above socialist politics. Its more of a super necessary society thing, but lets not get sectarian about it.

So I am jumping through a lot of issues together here, probably all need their own coherent attention: Nazis, Rise of the far right, sexism/racism in products aimed at ethnic minority women, fried chicken jokes, reverse racism and generalising black/ white people, media racism.
 but I just wanted to write this little paragraph because its procrastination before exams Important for me to share ma feelingz. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

picz from recently

Hugh and Julia, flowers, moi, utilising my digicam SLR skillz

Monday, 4 June 2012

I am so sick of the Queen

Thanks, Jubilee weekend. Usually, I don't mind the Queen, but this weekend has been OTT.  Every Union Jack I see, I now experience the urge to tear it down (gonna resist that urge as they are adorning my next- door neighbours garden and that wouldn't be very neighborly of me).

I take no sides in the politically obsolete, pseudo-debate between "monarchists" or "republicans" because the Monarchy is such a non issue. It is a waste of energy to moan about how un democratic and rich the Queen is. Of course she is undemocratic and stupidly wealthy but so are a lot of people, and they are far more dangerous  because they aren't a well publicized and scrutinized tourist attraction. The Monarchy isn't really political because, the Queen has no power. IF it was Elizabeth the 1st, things would be different.

Testiment to how much of a non- issue the Monarchy is, they even allowed a demonstration to happen. Given the recent police state crackdown on actual protests, it shows how little political significance being a "republican" is. This is not the USA, republicans are not an actual thing here.

Your wasting your time, guys
HOWEVER: I am critical of the queen. With all the press coverage of the non-news that was some boats floating down the Thames (in a situation where, judging by BBC coverage, everyone involved looked bored), one thing came to my attention: The Queen has never given an interview. That is a PR masterstroke, because it means she is never hated for her opinions. We don't even know them! She could be a racist bigot for all we know. Instead we project out views of what we think the Queen is like, then criticize or defend her based on these unfounded assumptions. She might as well be a cardboard cut-out, or a hologram, Like Helen of Troy at the end of Dr Faustus. Why can't we  value women who actually speak? Why do we love one who doesn't?

I may have said I think those demonstators are wasting their time, but I think it would have been a funner crowd to stand in than a street party or be next to the Thames. At least there were no Union Jacks. I thought the patriotic overkill was sickening,  I could have been living in North Korea or Nazi Germany with all those ubiquitous ugly flags making innanimate objects look "racist".  I don't want patriotic people to jump on that and say " IM NOT RACIST 2 LUV MA COUNTRY", I associate patriotism, nationalism with racism because I think its a slippery slope, one leads to another. I know they are different things. But I can't help it, the Union Jack looks racist!! It just does! It was the symbol that people in India and Australia came to associate with so much oppression. And I heard the words to "rule britannia".. that song is not okay?!? Rule the waves? I am embarrassed to call myself British over that stuff!

This cake looks sinister. 
In conclusion: I don't hate the queen but I hate the patriotic celebrations and I wish every old lady had as much money and love as Elizabeth gets <3

Sunday, 27 May 2012


They keep showing a photo of dead children in Syria and it is really upsetting. I have said this before, I don't think its okay to show dead people or people dying on the TV,  its just not dignified whether they are Gaddafi, the Ceaucescu's, or innocent Syrian babies.

Also, I think the news is very selective about what they show, and its like the tell us about atrocities when they want to. So I feel like my human emotion and genuine concern is being manipulated by the press people, i am sure every conflict has produced gruesome images but they are showing us this one, now. In this case we are being led to believe it was the work of Assad but its like If I was the western media and told to garner support for a potential future NATO war against Syria, how would I do that? ..

In regards to the Houla massacre (and this is just my western, news-watching, not really involved opinion) it seems as if the Free Syrian Army would have more reason for doing this than Assad, because it sabotages the UN peace plan and paves the way for a war, which would depose Assad, get Nato involved on their side, and one of those fuckers can take his job and potentially be just as awful. For a blueprint plan see Libya.

If you agree, read what these guys say about Syria, it is quite good in a sort of exposing-western-imperialism way.